Best after Broken!

Written by on July 8, 2021

When someone is going to ask us which was our life’s breaking point? Or What broke you much in your lifetime? We will obviously think a moment saying that was the one thing which I really didn’t want to look back in my life. Or we would that is the one thing I really don’t want to experience it even in my mind not once more at any cost. Truly, this will be our perception.

But today I would love to share one interesting fact about being broken to all my lovely readers out here!

As I already said, being broken or going through brokenness might be the toughest part of ourselves. But remember it isn’t the same for God! He is very much concerned about you having the best in your life. For that is the reason today or someday day in our life, we are BROKEN.

I know you find it odd, looking when God loves me so much when he wants me to be best when he wants me to gain the beauty of all, how does likewise he want me to be broken? I would like to state few instances for you which have the great scripture hidden stating “BEST after BROKEN”.

All of us are so familiar with the man of God – Moses. Yes, the infant whom God chose to bring out a nation when all the other infants around him were killed. Yes, the man who was brought up with the best of the world then: the best academics, the best leadership, the best military training, the best engineering talents, etc. But was all these best enough for him to be the Servant of God? Not Enough! Even having the best of the world in the first forty years of his life, it was not the really best for him in the sight of the Lord or the real best for him to do the service for God.

So that is when God decided to break him for the next forty years of his life – to give him the REAL BEST! Yes, Moses – whom we look up to as our great ancestor who led Israel out of Egypt was not only enough of all the worldly riches but also was broken badly. The 40 years prior to the days when he stood before Pharoah was not days of joy and laughter was Moses. It was the days of wilderness, the days which were extremely contradictory to the way he was born, to the way he was brought up, to the way he might have thought of living.

The man who lived in the palace, lives with the Sheep. The Man who lived with servants, becomes the servant. The Man who had people to obey obeys his father-in-law. And after all these forty years of brokenness, God has prepared Moses with the Strong might and power to lead Israel. I will tell you a small comparison of Moses’ life before his brokenness and after. In advance of Broken, Moses kills a man. Supposing if you could think Moses had that power to kill a person at once and he would kill all the Egyptians that way, his entire life would have never been enough. But on the same cost using Moses, after the days of his wilderness, he had nothing in his hand, neither his might nor his power but only his sword to kill millions of men in the Egyptian army in the Red Sea.

Likewise, when you look into the Miracle of Jesus, only when the bread was broken it was fed to the 5000. Only when the bread was broken again it was fed for the 4000. On the same way only when the Alabaster Jar of perfume was broken it filled the room with its fragrance.

By the same token, when we look into nature – only when an Atom is broken there comes the energy from it. When such a small atom can give so much, how much can you and me be of greater blessing!?

Coming to the end, right from the Scripture to Nature, anything which has to become great, historic, and magnificent – has to be BROKEN. Do not forget that if you are in the days of wilderness, brokenness, or trials – put your entire trust in the Lord. Do not rebel instead stay humble for he has something great for you, like how he had greater plans for Moses.

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