We are all called to do ministry and even minister, but in all kinds of different ways so that the gospel can be proclaimed, the kingdom can be built, and God can be glorified — it is the calling of God. Robert Hampshire.

The main purpose to initiate Divine FM is to touch lives with the heavenly purpose. Anyone whom God chooses to be his child has a purpose and a divine calling; falling on the same line we, JC Media House has recognized this Radio platform to fulfil God’s divine purpose.

We’re so glad to have a large team working behind the screens. We’re grateful to God and to our crew, for the same. Here comes the answer to the question, “How did it all begin?” It all began, seven years ago when God sowed a seed in our hearts to start JC Radio India to proclaim His glory. This JC Radio India was a part of JC Media house, a larger podium with many more elements and features. We exclusively had our own app and website for JC Media house, which broadcasted Christian contents. This “Ministry via Radio” idea was greatly welcomed and reached masses. Slowly, by the grace of God we reached a multitude. Though we weren’t broadcasting any live shows as we do now, we’ve received many testimonies of how people were blessed through the programs hosted and broadcasted, back then.

Worthy of calling it an adversary, we were pushed to call off everything related to the radio, due to some unavoidable issues. It was definitely a time of devastation, but knowing that Our God is capable of bringing out the best from an unfavorable condition, we casted our cares upon Him. Through the devastation and the time of healing, God was faithful to not eliminate the desire he had put in our hearts to run the Radio-Ministry.

Followed by days and months of fervent prayers, God resumed what he had paused for a while. After 2 years in 2018, our desire started to grow deeper but it was yet to take a beautiful form. In 2020, by the grace of God we got our domain registered with the name “Divine FM” which was given to us by God through Rev. K. Maniraj on the very day domain was registered. God brought many willing people who were faithfully serving the Lord in various ways, to Divine FM, to be a part of it. Now, we’re glad to call them Divine FM’s official crew. We always believed that Music had the ability to reach any nook and cranny where even physical presence is a challenge and with that being said, here comes Divine FM, wholly equipped to spread The Gospel all round the world.

We wouldn’t have made it without these people of God. For a specific period of time, Divine FM was working solely as a website radio. Shortly, by the awesome grace of God, through the help of Seven plus media, our official Divine FM App was released. Then, our community grew in various social platforms such as in twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. As we all are aware that we live in Social Media culture, we knew that God will undeniably build His kingdom through this Radio-Audio ministry.

Our radio is also linked with and carried through by Google chrome, TuneIn radio and Radio Garden. We’re hoping to reach various other platforms including the IOS. We’re always open to and welcome all those who wish to broadcast their part of ministry in audio formats through Divine FM.

Just as how God has carried us thus far, Divine FM will solely be run by his grace and purpose furthermore into the future for the Kingdom’s Purpose. Divine FM will make sure each day that it fulfils the purpose for which it has been called into existence by God. Divine FM does not fall to work for any recognition on monetary aspects. Divine FM functions determined, to give God all the glory that He is due. We give assurance to our listeners that none will be disappointed but be benefitted by this medium to serve the Lord. Entirely, we wish and welcome you to be enthusiastic listeners of Divine FM. Join us in this amazing journey as we touch millions of lives for heavenly Purpose. God bless you!

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