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The main purpose to have a start of Divine FM is searching lives with heavenly purpose. Anyone who God chooses to be his child has the purpose of their calling, falling on the same line we JC Media House recognize this platform to fulfill God's purpose on us. Music can reach all the nook and corner where even physical absence take place and through this here comes the Divine FM to spread gospel all round. Divine FM will make sure each day it fulfills its purpose with the richness of God's Glory at anytime to the listeners. Divine FM does not fall to work for any recognition on monetary aspects. Entirely We Wish and Welcome you to be an enthusiastic listener of Divine FM. God bless you!


On Making it apparently effective Divine FM has its Vision on giving the Gospel on its true essence. Adaptable respects on any form is not followed by Divine FM and truly falling on its Vision not to change the given Purpose on it.

Divine FM makes sure the listeners are not subjected to any particular aspects but to everyone irrespective of age and all human races.

We Hope from Children to Adult and the Elders get use of it.

Thank you.


Divine FM has its mission to get and make lives for Christ in the given Social platform. To the changing scenarios of the world, Divine FM will remain on the standards of it and the music.

Thank you.

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